Atlanta-based Graphic Artist for Film & Television, IATSE Local 479 Member in Good Standing.

I am a graphic artist/designer based in Atlanta with a life-long passion for both design and film. I attended a Visual and Performing Arts School and participated heavily in both the Art and Film/Television programs and have continued honing and expanding those skills ever since.

Experienced Graphic Artist

Prior to entering the film industry, I worked in several positions that allowed me to take advantage of my skills as a graphic artist, designing logos, websites  and other graphics for employers and freelance clients alike. I have over 15 years experience that makes me able to meet any challenge and deliver fast, quality work.

Clearance Knowledge

I am very knowledgeable about clearance requirements and am able to create graphics, taglines and copy that are sure to clear. I am also adept at providing concise information to make the clearance process as fast and painless as possible.


Practical Materials Knowledge

I have a strong understanding of print and fabrication materials and installation and am able to employ the best design practices for a given type of install. I have good relationships with local vendors and know how to best to convey information to each in order to avoid fabrication issues and ensure the fastest turnaround times.


Time Management Skills

Through an organized workflow, efficient communication and attention to detail, I am able to provide the right graphics at the right time, every time. I am able to maintain organization and triage while also being flexible enough to adapt to sudden changes in needs.

     Shawn Is one of the most enthusiastic and skilled graphic designers I have had the chance to work with.  Everyone I have recommended him to loves his work ethic and, like me, would hire him again in a second.

-Production Designer Dave Blass;

Constantine, Preacher

Computer Skills

Most of my work is done in Adobe Creative Cloud--Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and  Muse, primarily--but I also have a passable familiarity with several other programs that may be needed to accomplish a given task, such as SketchUp, Fusion360, etc. And should the need arise to use a new app, I am a very quick study.


Preacher (AMC)

Dave Blass, Production Designer

James Rosenthal, Prop Master

Kansas City Pilot (Sony/Hulu)

Christopher Glass, Production Designer

Chiefs Pilot (Sony/CBS)

Steven Jordan, Production Designer

Star (Fox)

Toni Barton, Production Designer

The Walking Dead (AMC)

Jeff Schoenv, Production Designer

Manhunt: The Unabomber (Lionsgate/Discovery)

Brian Jewell, Art Director

Life of the Party (New Line)

Rusty Smith, Production Designer

When the Street Lights Go On (Hulu)

Warren Young, Production Designer

Notorious (ABC)

Stephen Storer, Production Designer

Sleepy Hollow (Fox)

Jeremy Cassells, Production Designer

Survivor's Remorse (Starz)

Chase Harlan, Production Designer (Season 2)

Alex Hajdu, Production Designer (Season 4)

Quantico (ABC)

Dave Blass, Production Designer

2015 ADG Awards

Dave Blass, Awards Chair

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